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The negotiations for your provincial collective agreement are fast approaching. The FIQ is the bargaining agent, responsible for negotiating on behalf of healthcare professionals who are FIQ and FIQP | Secteur privé members.

The FIQ would like to know the means and solutions you would like to prioritize in order to take fast action to resolve your daily practice problems. The 76,000 FIQ and FIQP members are invited to participate so that we build our negotiation project together.

To help you fill out this questionnaire efficiently, we developed different possible answers from various consultations held in February 2019. All the same, there will still be a space with each question for any other answer or comment you would like to add.

It is absolutely essential for the FIQ that a large number of members participate in this consultation to identify the means and solutions that could improve your working conditions. A summary of the results will be presented to your union representatives at the provincial council in October. All of your answers will remain confidential.

This consultation is complementary to the general assemblies held by your local unions at which you can give feedback on the priorities and objectives of the upcoming sectoral negotiations.

We wish everyone a great consultation!
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If you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties, write to us at consultation-nego@fiqsante.qc.ca

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